Kiwa Industry Co., Ltd provide you with a total support & solution for Factory Automation(FA).


Kiwa industyr Co.,Ltd

Let us handle Machining Process and Machine equipment for Factory Automation (FA)


We can supply various range of machining parts with a short lead time
using "Machining Center, NC milling machines, NC Lathe, Wire-electrical discharge machine
Grinding machine as well as our own surface treatment facilities.
We can also provide you with manufacturing, assembly, machine installation, maintenance for
FA machines & equipments with supports from our own design & manufacturing departments, and have
recently worked on many projects with high-spec requirements such as machines for a semiconductor,
LCD devices and other electrical devices.

Based on our 3 business principles "Contribution to a Society", "Learning & Growth" and "Service spirits",
we make continuous efforts to improve our technology and efficiency for better customer satisfaction
in order to realise socio-economical contributions through manufacturing.