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We are fully confident to supply various kind of parts. (Machining Process Parts)

We can supply various range of machining parts using "Machining Center, NC milling machines, NC Lathe, Wire-electrical discharge machine.
After processing parts, we can also provide surface treatment process and deliver an ordered item with a short lead time. Order flows for Machining parts

Machining Process Parts examples

Material : SUS304Material : SUS304
Material : AL5052(Black Anodized Process)Material : AL5052
(Black Anodized Process)
Material : SUS303Material : SUS303
Material : SUS440CMaterial : SUS440C
Material : SUS430Material : SUS430

Material : SK3(焼入研磨)Material : SK3
(Quenching & Grinding)
Material : AL7075Material : AL7075
Material : AL5052Material : AL5052
Material : S45CMaterial : S45C
Material : SUS303Material : SUS303

Material : SS41Material : SS41
Material : AL2017Material : AL2017
Material : SUS304Material : SUS304
Material : S55CMaterial : S55C
Material : SUS304Material : SUS304

Material : S45CMaterial : S45C
Material : SUS304Material : SUS304
Material : SUS304Material : SUS304
機械加工製品 数点 
機械加工製品 十数点 

Materials for Machining Process Parts

SS41, S45C, S55C, A5052, A2017, A7075, A6063, SUS303, SUS304, SUS440C, SUS430, SUS316, SKD11, SK3, SKH51, Brass, Copper
Titanium, Molybdenum steel, Super inver, Duracon, PEEK resin, MC Nylon, Poly vinyl chloride, Acrylic resin, Bakelite, ABS resin

We have supplied FA machines for a semiconductor, LCD and electrical devices which requires sever specs. (Original Design product)

We can offer you one stop solution for FA machine & equipment (manufacturing, assembly, machine installation, maintenance) .
We have worked on many projects with high spec requirements for a semiconductor, LCD devices and other electrical devices.Order flows for Design & Manufacturing

Design & Manufacturing Products examples(*these pictures are not clear due to customized parts.)