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Quality Policy

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We shall keep high quality looking for better skills, better technology and more effectiveness for a customer satisfaction.

image In order to make sure our quality control, our inspection rooms are always kept in the same temperature. In addition, we carry out strict outgoing inspection to achieve a stable supply of many kinds of high precision parts with various inspection equipments such as a micrometer, pin gauge etc.

Acquisition of ISO9001(20/Apr/2009)

We aim to become a company to contribute to social & economical development of a community
through a manufacturing and are always looking for better technical skills and productivity for a customer satisfaction.

1. We always provide customers with satisfied service & quality while we continue to improve
our quality management system.
2. We comply to all compliance with laws and ordinances and customer's requirements, and we continue to
improve production processes and quality with positive attitudes to meet market's requirement for "cost down".

To achieve this quality policies, we set targets for Quality Control and
established effective quality management systems.

20 Apr 2009
Kiwa Co., Ltd President Masanao Yuki